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  • 3M Wool Compounding Pads
  • 3M Wool Compounding Pads are built to deliver an aggressive cut for a smooth finish, ideal when compounding on paints, clears and composite surfaces. Double-sided screw-on pads feature 100 percent untwisted wool yarn on a stiff central hub for a full cut and broader surface contact. Single-sided pads feature a finer 60/40 wool blend and 3M Hookit attachment for quick change-outs.
  • The Fast Cut of Wool with a Fine Finish
  • For auto body compounding and buffing applications, our 3M Wool Compounding Pads feature fast-cutting wool for attaining flawless finishes on clear coat, paint and the latest composite surfaces. Whether 100 percent wool or our 60/40 wool blend abrasive, these pads work effortlessly with 3M compounds and attachment systems for a variety of jobs including the removal of compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects.
  • The Right Pad for the Right Job
  • The double-sided pad features a stiff, durable center hub that supports the wool abrasives during flat or aggressive compounding procedures. Its 100 percent untwisted wool yarn construction features looser, more spread-out fibers. This creates a fuller pad for good handling across larger surface areas. The screw-on pad attaches easily to orbital sanders and other power tools with the 3M Adapter 05710.
  • Single-sided wool compounding pads feature a 60/40 wool blend, ideal for refining paint surface defects during the auto body compounding process. Single-sided pads feature the 3M Hookit attachment system, a hook and loop system that works with 3M Hookit back up pads and attachment plates for fast change-outs. This saves time, especially during multi-stage compounding and polishing jobs.

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